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DIY kit for Tinkering with Paper Circuits


For all those starting to learn electronics, soldering wire & joints is a dreaded exercise. While we hesitate giving soldering iron to young students due to safety hazard, non-techies get irritated by soldering fumes. Struggling with wires and soldering limits our curiosity to learn electronics and explore it’s applications while adding a steep learning curve to it. Can we build circuits without wires? Yes, why not. Let’s eliminate wires and soldering and make flexible electronic circuits almost everywhere. India’s first and only, DIY kit for Tinkering with Paper Circuits, replaces wires with flexible conductive tape which require no soldering. It’s a perfect solution for beginners, young students, designers, artists etc. to embed electronics into their creations.


Kit Contents :

Aluminium Conductive Tape with patented dispenser – 1

(30 ft) Coin cell Battery – 5

assorted LED’s 3mm/5mm (Red, green, yellow, blue, white, pink, RGB): 25

Assorted Continuity Tester: 1

Foam Battery Holder: 2

Double-sided tissue tape: 1

roll Templates & Instruction Cards: 5

Tilt Sensors – 1

Magnetic Sensor – 1


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