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After reading the famous book , The Art of Electronics by Paul Horowitz, thinking about the significance of its title and giving my grey cells a workout, I understood the underlying basics of Art & electronics and here I draw its correlation with the act of...


As I was booking tickets for upcoming events last month, I struggled with a lot with coupons and there terms and conditions. As I researched a bit, I figured out many ways which can help you save on travel as well as handle cases of booking where the fares get...


             How many times have you heard the chef  saying the list of ingredients for an exotic recipe with accurate amount, but suggests to add salt to taste. Namak daale swad anusaar.  Isn’t it funny & intriguing that why we...

E-textiles and Smart Clothing Technologies 2022

A comprehensive review of materials, processes, components, products and the global market Electronic textiles (e-textiles) involves the combination of electronics and textiles to form "smart" textile products. With research compiled over 7 years, a database of over...

E-Crackers — Next-Gen Green Crackers

Crackers have been an integral part of almost every Indian occasion, be it the big fat Indian weddings or festivals such as Diwali. There is some kind of charm that these crackers add to almost every celebration. But “all that glitters is not gold”. These crackers...

Why Should Designers Learn Maker Skills?

The Maker Movement has been picking up the pace like never before. With the constant evolution of technology and the increased use of the internet; everything you want to learn is just a click away. Talking of the same, it is been noticed that the ‘maker movement’ is...


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