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Technology is advancing at a skyrocketing speed. Innovation has allowed man to look beyond the spectrum of possible and impossible which is giving way to tech and gadgets we never thought would ever exist. Don’t you think it is the perfect time to upgrade yourself and step out of your comfort zone? Want to know how?

In recent times, the popularity of technologies like artificial intelligence, the Internet of things have picked up the pace and at least in some instances, you must have heard about the same. And why not? We are living in a technological revolution, everything you ever want to know or learn is just one click away!

Gone are the days when you used to learn a never-ending line of codes to understand the technology or develop something. In fact, if you are someone who aspires to be an entrepreneur or want to build a tech startup, then this is the best time to be one! According to recent trends, your non-technical background is no more a hindrance to set sail for your tech startup. Stats say that non-technical founders can build successful tech ventures even without technical knowledge. So you see, today’s times are about breaking stereotypes and getting out of your nutshell to explore, innovate, and develop!

Considering the growing unemployment rate, you need to be multi-skilled and proactive in your approach to stay in the line. Upgrading your skills as per the demand and general inquisitiveness about the world around is the need of the hour to survive this rat race. 

Or the other way around, in order to keep up today’s world you legit need to keep yourself updated about the latest development or the buzz in the world around you. This will not only keep you ahead of the curve but also provide you with open-ended opportunities for massive growth. In the 21st century, knowledge or skill-building is not limited to your educational background but depends on your apatite to learn and enquire! 

One recent technology that is very much likely to become a part of your life or might already be is the Internet of Things or IoT. The term IoT was coined by Kevin Ashton in 1999 but has recently come to the buzz. 

In layman terms, IoT is the technology that interconnects one electronic device with the other over a Wifi or LAN network in such that all these connected devices can interact with each other to generate data and exchange information amongst each other with minimal human interaction. Or simply, the technology which allows electronic devices to interact with each other in real-time and make things easier is called the internet of things.

Two of the biggest utilities of IoT is that it can make life easier for the needy like old people and act as virtual assistance or can function without commands on patterns, and the other is that it can really make you look cool and more tech-savvy without being a real-life Dexter.

As it is rightly said that there is no age limit to learn new things and explore. Similarly, there is no background restriction to learn about technology and adapting to it. Moreover, IoT is not just a technology but a utility. Learning about the same can expand your horizon view and change the way you see the world.

IoT From A Non-Techies Perspective

IoT from a non-techie’s perspective is really cool and futuristic. The invention of smart devices like Amazon Echo, Google Home, smart TV, smartwatches, etc is some of the examples which show that the technology is already in your home and has become a part of your everyday life. Thus, it is evident that you don’t need to be a tech expert to get hold of such devices. But what makes IoT even cooler is the vast scope of customization and easy build in process. 

You Heard it right

You can very much make modifications to your smart device and make it smarter or construct your own IoT based setup without any technical knowledge or coding experience. Just as these devices learn from experiences and patterns, so does the human brain. Understanding IoT,  enables you to innovate and make new things based on your ideation or customized the already existing.

Moreover, learning about IoT irrespective of your background can also make you a hero in the eyes of your friends and family as you will be be the non-tech guy who would be knowing more than the average person. Not only this, but it can also help you stand out back at your office as you would be the person who knows how to adapt to latest tech and run ahead of the curve.

IoT can really help you in making your life easier. Imagine, having a virtual assistant reminding you about the things you need to do for the day, or locking your home door while sitting in your car, or making important calls with your watch when your phone runs out of battery or making payments by a simple touch or swap instead of going through the entire process of online banking; all of this is possible and is happening because of Internet of things!

This technology has made our lives easier than ever and has also given more way to innovation. Moreover, there has been a spike in IoT experts’ job requirements by 300%! This shows that the futuristic technology will be around for a long time and the best time to learn about it is now!

If you are someone who wishes to switch his job line to IoT based work or someone who is just curious about learning and want to know more about the open-ended technology, then have a look at some of the simplest IoT projects for beginners which can help you understand the IoT world in a better way.

Simple IoT Projects For Beginners Learning